JODCO Shares it’s Traditions with ADCO through a Japanese Tea Ceremony
JODCO Shares it’s Traditions with ADCO through a Japanese Tea Ceremony

​The Japanes Oil Development Co., Ltd. (JODCO), one of ADCO’s shareholders has introduced the traditional ceremony of the Japanese tea which called in Japan, "Sado.  Which is considered an art and a philosophy for Japanese people, a famous ritual of the Japanese hospitality reflects their traditions and social ideologies.

The event took a place ADCO’s main auditorium in two different timing to enable the largest number of employees to attend and participate.

The show started with an introductory presentation of the principles and habits of tea "Matcha" preparations.  Explaining the story of it in the ancient times in Japan and how it is still etched in the Japanese culture till nowadays. This tradition shows the hospitality of the ritual blended spiritually in the serenity of Japanese tea.

The teacher of Almacha said: "The Sado” is an exchange of spiritual understanding between humans- that is, between the house owner and his guests, where there are an immersion in full senses reach aesthetic and intellectual, physical and clarity of mind. To share a sense of peace and goodwill.”

The whole tradition is summarized in the meaning of "peace through a cup of tea.”

Before the end of the ceremony, Mr. Abdullah Al Suwaidi, a member of Japanese Tea Club in Abu Dhabi - talked about Japanese civilization from an Arabic perspective.