South East Youth Forum Workshop
South East Youth Forum Workshop

​In alignment with ADNOC’s focus on its four key pillars: People, Performance, Profitability and Efficiency, in addition to HSE and Asset Integrity to ensure maintaining a competitive edge, ADCO Ltd. has adapted the initiative: “never rest, till your good is better, and your better is the best.” This is by efficiently building on what has been accomplished so far of work carried out and growing even greater heights in the years ahead.

With that said, continuous efforts in ADCO South East Asset are created to develop and secure additional production capacity in order to meet ADCO’s mandated building blocks of production in a cost effective manner. In addition to possessing sustainable excellence that is economically feasible.

This could be accomplished by simultaneously adopting an Optimal Reservoir Management and Development Plan to maximize recovery, ensuring the safety of operations carried out, and reducing impact on the environment.

Therefore, with the collaboration of the Emiratization Division with ADCO’s South East Asset, “Youth Forum - South East Asset Entry Points” was organized and conducted on Thursday, December 8th 2016 in ADNOC Headquarters.

The forum covered topics related to: South East Development, Operations, Planning, Engineering Projects and Drilling.

These demonstrated, to newcomers, the skills needed for “On Job Training” and “Real Work” with respect to “Entry Points’ Training Programs” that incorporate the four key pillars mentioned earlier and HSE and Asset Integrity. They also contributed to enhancing the “Operating Model” and “Organizational Structure.”

The Forum included a variety of videos, presentations, and practical activates that were informative, inspiring, and motivational.

The forum was supported by Mr. Ahmed Al Hammadi, South East Senior Vice President in ADCO Ltd. with his guidance and well-known “go ahead... you have my support” approach in all steps of the event. In addition to the massive efforts spent by a number of hard- working individuals who contributed sincerely and efficiently to make the event flow smoothly with amazing educational and motivational outcomes.