Artificial Lift Technologies
Artificial lift strategies are being developed for all of ADCO’s fields

​Artificial lift strategies are being developed for all of ADCO’s fields, aligned with reservoir development and business plans.The potential of artificial lift mechanisms for all major ADCO reservoirs/wells is also being determined.  Gas availability and suitability for future projects is being assessed & identification of risks and mitigations to safeguard integrity of wells and surface facilities. An implementation strategy will also be developed to reduce the number of inactive wells that can benefit from the application of artificial lift.  Standardisation of design software and surface/subsurface equipment is also planned. Pilot projects with gas lift and ESPs have been undertaken and lessons learnt will contribute to the strategy. 

Rod Driven Electrical Submersible Pumps (TRL 7-9): 

This technology potentially offers a method for operating ESPs without the need for downhole replacement of electrical motors which are installed at the wellhead & connected to the downhole pump via a rod with stabilizers.Feasibility studies were conducted, but unfortunately the company developing the technology is relatively small and does not have representation in the UAE. Consequently the project has been suspended until such time as the technology developer can potentially offer the product in the UAE.
CO2 Tracer for Gas Lift Operations (TRL: 6-9):

A series of trials to use CO2 as a chemical tracer in gas lift artificial lift operations are planned. The technology provides a quick & reliable determination of the gas-lift injection point as well as identifying unwanted entry points.With this technology, there is no requirement to shut down production operations nor incur the expense of running wireline tools.Field trials are scheduled to be completed by Q4, 2016.


Permanent Magnet ESP Motors (TRL: 6-7):

This technology provides higher efficiency ESP motors. The result is that the increase in ESP motor operating temperature will be lower than with conventional ESPs. The life time of the ESPs should therefore be longer thus reducing the workover frequency. Evaluation will be completed in 2016 before carrying out a field trial in 2017.

Artificial Lift Software Applications (TRL: 7-9): 

ADCO has also developed a number of internal software packages to optimize design of ESPs, to increase run life (ESP Direct, ESP Optima), to optimize gas lift (MODIAG) and to manage artificial lift systems throughout their complete life cycle (ALMS). These automated systems are to facilitate the implementation of artificial lift across ADCO as it becomes more and more widespread in our Assets.