​The South East
South East includes 5 major field



South East (SE) delivers hydrocarbons which contributes nearly 33% of ADCO’s total production. It covers an extensive area of about 7525KM² in a difficult terrain and includes five fields; namely Asab, Sahil, Shah, Qusahwira and mender.

Asab Field:

Located in the onshore area of Abu Dhabi approximately 185KM south of Abu Dhabi in rolling sand dunes some 30KM north of the Liwa oasis. The field was discovered in 1964 and started production in 1973.
The field is one of the major oil producing fields of ADCO, with a current share of 27% of total ADCO production. It functions as a main oil collection and export hub for all SE fields.

Sahil Field:

The field is located approximately 90KM south of Abu Dhabi town and 48KM North of Asab station. The field was discovered in May 1967 with first oil production commencing in 1975.

Shah Field:

The field located about 230KM south of Abu Dhabi and about 70KM south west of Asab field. The Shah structure was located by a seismic survey conducted in 1965 and commenced production in 1982.


Was discovered in 1976 and was put on production in 2013. The field is located approximately 260KM south of Abu Dhabi city, and about 80KM southeast of Asab field. The location of the field was also considered as an environmentally sensitive zone for the scarce wildlife in the area.


The field is under development and will start producing in 2018. The field is located approximately 290KM south of Abu Dhabi city, and about 125KM southeast of Asab field and it was discovered in 1975.


SE historical and future Milestones:


Year Historical Milestones
​​1965​​Discovery of Asab field (first well Sb-1 was spudded in December 1964)
​1966​Shah field was discovered
​1967​Commercial oil discovery in Sahil field
​1973 ​Asab Field commences production
​1975​Sahil Field commences production​Discovery of Mender field
​1976 ​ ​Discovery of Qusahwira field
​1982​Shah Field commences production
​1984​Started Water Injection in Sahil
​1998​Sahil Full Field Development project completed and Gas Injection Started
​2012​Started commissioning of Asab (FFD) New CDS (first oil in) 
​2013​Started commissioning of Sahil & Shah New FFD facilities (first oil in on Feb and May respectively)
​2013​Qusahwira start of commissioning in (November)
​2014​Asab Unit 6 & 7 development project completion (December)
​2016​Sahil Phase II Development project completion

​Future Projects ​

​2017​Mender Phase-I Development project completion
​2019​Asab Phase-II Development project completion
​2021​Qusahwira Phase-II Development project completion