Gas Asset
The key objective for the Asset is to meet gas demand and maximize hydrocarbon recovery.


ADCO acts on behalf of ADNOC to explore, appraise, develop and manage gas and condensate reservoirs, in addition coordinate non-associated gas activities in its concession. The key objective for the Asset is to meet gas demand and maximize hydrocarbon recovery.


History & Background:

During the early 2000’s, UAE fast development mandated growing energy needs in multiple sectors; in 2003, ADNOC formed a team in ADCO to maintain existing gas reservoirs and exploring new reservoirs in ADCO Concession; This team of around 12 experienced Engineers including UAE nationals, both male and female has taken the challenge to address the Country’s GAS needs.


Field & Facilities:

Initially, ADCO Gas Team was asked to enable Gas production from existing reservoirs in Bab & Asab fields, in due course investments started to build state of the art facilities across both fields, with onshore gas development facilities & compression stations that formed the integrated national GAS network along with GASCO. ADCO provided good contribution of the country Gas production & aimed to secure the rising national demand of Gas.

Today, Gas Asset is highly contributing in meeting the country’s Gas & Condensate demand by supplying and availing more Gas to the Network. ADCO Gas Asset is leading to fulfill the vast energy demand and empowering the country 2030 vision.

Over the years, ADCO Gas Team was always improving the Gas Development plans by:

  • Building new reservoir simulation models for existing reservoirs.
  • Identifying and then quantifying new undeveloped portfolio of reservoirs.
  • Appraising & exploring new areas like: Al-Dabbiya, Bu Hasa, Rumaitha & Jarn Yaphour.
  • Support ADNOC in multiple projects (I.e. Sour Gas Development, Haliba etc.)

In line with the new direction and operating model introduced by ADNOC; ADCO Gas Asset is committed to drive profitability, performance and efficiency in each of its activities to maximize the value of our resources and adhering to the highest HSE-standards at all times.