NEB asset
NEB is the first Field in ADCO that is highly developed & built with smart Field concept.


The North East Bab (NEB) Asset is located 31 km from the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi. The asset comprises of three producing Fields: Al Dabb’iya, Rumaitha, and Shanayel, one field under development: Jarn Yaphour.

Field & facilities

 The Al Dabb’iya Field lies on a coastal shallow and deep marine area, while the Rumaitha and Shanayel fields lie onshore. The developed fields cover an area greater than 1,400 square kilometers.
At present, NEB produces approximately 7% of ADCO’s crude oil production. However, development projects are ongoing that will soon be commissioned, which will increase NEB oil production in the coming future.
NEB is located in one of the most environmentally sensitive areas that includes desert, sea, mangroves, salt marshes, coral reefs and Sabkha, all supporting diverse wildlife species. The marine environment is both highly sensitive and of great ecological importance. In addition, some areas are also of archaeological significance. New technologies and management systems were implemented to minimize the impact of ADCO's operations on the environment.
NEB is the first Field in ADCO that is highly developed and built with smart Field concept.