Contractor HSE Management
it is essential to provide a safe working environment to contractors as they represent a major part of ADCO workforce

Contractor HSE Management
Management of the Contractors’ HSE is an integral part of the ADCO HSE performance; therefore it is essential to provide a safe working environment to contractors as they represent a major part of ADCO workforce. Such arrangements are closely monitored throughout the Contractors’ HSE Management Life Cycle Process and it is inevitable to ensure that Contractors’ are in compliance with HSE and welfare requirements that apply to their scope of work.
In addition, it is worth highlighting that the day to day work performed by contractors is governed by UAE Federal/Local Laws and Regulations, ADNOC Codes of Practices (CoPs), ADCO HSE Systems and Procedures and Project HSE Plan. 

Contractors HSE management- life cycle


  • SCMD sends HSE Pre-Qualification Questionnaire to Contractors.
  • Contractor Responds to PQQ , Provides HSE Information.
  • ADCO review completed PQQ and conduct HSEMS Audit.
  • Finalise the contractors PQ assessment.

Identify  Business need Prepare ITT Documentation 

  •  Appoint contract administrator to prepare scope of work.
  • Review the Scope of Work &identify HSE requirements.
    Ensure HSE clauses address contract specific HSE risks.
  • Develop checklist  to be used during the whole life cycle of the contract.
  • Bidders list to be screened /available based on the contractor performance(2016 initiative).

Tender Evaluation

  • Conduct Clarification Meeting s with bidders.
  • Review preliminary HSE plan.
  • Contract award.
  • Successful Contractor will submit LOA(Letter Of Assurance) (2016 initiative)

Pre  Mobilization

  • Conduct kick off meeting.
  • Reinforce and strengthen  pre mobilization audit by CHSE and CA together involving line management.
  • Verify HSE plan and associated aspects.


  • Review/Approve contractor HSE plan for implementation(Contract Administrator).
  • Conduct pre execution audits.
  • Reinforce and strengthen pre Execution audit by Line HSE and CA together involving line management focusing on the competency /Integrity and readiness.


  • Conduct HSE Audits &Inspection (HSEMS, road safety, welfare, camp, catering).
  • Enforce HSE conséquence management.


  • Continue monitoring HSE compliance.
  • Acceptance of Work and Restore Site.
  • ADCO Contract administrator to issue Site restoration Certificate.

Close out Report

  • Issue close out report.
  • Issue annual HSE performance report and communicate contractor for improvement.(2016 initiative).
  • Update Contractors Database .(2016 initiative).
  • Link contractor performance to tendering process.(2016 initiative).