ADCO Nursery
ADCO inaugurated a nursery providing care for the children of its female employees

ADCO Nursery:


On 22 April 2014, ADCO inaugurated a nursery providing care for the children of its female employees. This comes in implementation of Ministerial Resolution No. 19 obligating ministries, establishments & companies to provide nurseries within their premises for children from 2 months old up to school age, and setting conditions that govern establishment thereof. These nurseries are supervised by Ministry of Social Affairs.

ADCO Nursery Activities :

  • Haj Ceremony has been celebrated in a simplified manner by children of ADCO Ltd. Nursery.

  • Children celebrated Eid Al Adha by wearing their new clothes.
  • To raise the awareness and education on colors for children: “Orange Color Day” was carried out by the Arabic Language School through adopting the Arabic language character (b) that is the initial letter in the word oranges (the fruit) and orange (the color) in Arabic. Everything that day had the theme “Orange Color” including clothes, food, and drinks.
  • “Pajamas Day”, was another event in which children happily contributed to by wearing their pajamas. In addition to accompanying their favorite stuffed toy and bed time story.
  • Children took part in “Flag Day” by wearing clothing that reflected the UAE flag colors. Children also raised the UAE flag in the presence of their mothers and sang out the UAE National Anthem. The children had a great time and enjoyed the diverse and wonderful activities held.